Annual meeting

Annual meeting - Thursday 25 May Save the date!

Tony Leach, Director of Parks for London, will give a talk on 'Parks in London: The Current Dilemma' at 7 pm at LUX, Waterlow Park Centre. Join us for refreshments at 6.45 pm.  The talk will be followed by the FoWP AGM which will include a report on recent developments and elections to the Friends' committee.

Barbecues in the Park

    Holiday time is here and the sun may shine - so can you have a barbecue in the Park?

    Camden Council allows barbecues in Waterlow Park but there are clear guidelines about using them.  The main points to remember are

  • Use BBQs safely and responsibly - not disposable ones which burn the grass!
  • Be considerate to other people using the park or living nearby
  • Take care not to damage the environment
  • Dispose of all litter properly and recycle your rubbish where possible
  • Keep children, pets, games and sports well away from the BBQ
  • Take some water to put out the BBQ
  • Remember that you need permission to hold large events

 More information about the guidelines can be found here

Thank you and enjoy the Park!

April in the Park



credit: Richard Engel

This is the photo featured for April in the Waterlow Park 2017 calendar - a few copies are still available at a reduced price

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