Highgate Festival - Picturing the future in the Park 14 - 21 June
Local schoolchildren have been busy being creative about the likely effects of climate change.  The Friends of Waterlow Park will display over 100 artworks from all six local primary schools during the Highgate Festival [14-21 June].  Each school was given a theme to explore -  oceans [Brookfield], animal life [Channing/Fairseat], water [St Michaels], food [St Josephs], weather extremes [Highgate Junior] and people [Highgate Primary] - and is displaying work by 20 children around the rose circle in the west of the Park.
The exhibition will be installed by regular FoWP volunteers and a group from Sainsbury's giving time to the community as part of their 150th anniversary celebrations.
Relax your body and mind and help the Park! QiGong starts 4 June .....

QiGong instructor Dr Sue Tatum is starting classses at LUX, Waterlow Park Centre, on Tuesdays 9.30 - 10.30.  This is an NHS-recommended exercise routine for all.

Pay as you go: £4 [concessions £3].  Proceeds will go to the Park and LUX.  

No booking required - more information from LUX on 0203 141 2960

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Our Memorial Benches Brought To Life

Waterlow Park: The Stories Behind The Memorial Benches

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Barbecues in the Park

Can you have a barbecue in the Park? Yes, if you look after the park and respect other park users!

Camden Council allows barbecues in Waterlow Park but there are clear guidelines about using them.  The main points to remember are

  • Use BBQs safely and responsibly - not disposable ones which burn the grass!
  • Be considerate to other people using the park or living nearby
  • Take care not to damage the environment
  • Dispose of all litter properly and recycle your rubbish where possible or take it home!
  • Keep children, pets, games and sports well away from the BBQ
  • Take some water to put out the BBQ
  • More information about the guidelines can be found here. Remember that you need permission to hold large events (over 20 people)

Thank you and enjoy the Park!

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Waterlow Park: The Film!

See all the action at the successful 2016 Lark in the Park in News and Events

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